Friday, February 28, 2014

Admin and News!

SOOOO... If you may have read I am an Emolga's Place Admin for a little bit! Call me a Swagmin!!! So sadly Alex doesn't feel like posting tonight... But Sean did so go check out his remix of the week! I would like to thank Alex for my button is pretty pretty, shiny shiny! So have a good night y'all!

Featured Remix #2: BW Bike Theme

Welcome to another Featured Remix Friday! I'm here with a fantastic remix from the Pokemon music remixer, HappyDragonite!

Click here to view his channel!

Now, it is time for one of Alex's favorite songs, the Black and White Bike Theme!

Click here to view the actual video on YouTube.

~Credits to YouTube for hosting HappyDragonite's remix. THANKS, YOUTUBE!!!~

~Credits to HappyDragonite for this amazing re-orchestration. THANKS, HAPPYDRAGONITE!!!~

~Credits to for this Goomy. THANKS, PKPARAISO!!!~

Taylor's Random Post Friday

Hiiiiiiii Today is Friday,  sooooo today look foward to Sean's Pokemon remix of the day and maybe something from Sierra!! Yay!

See you Wednesday!
Enjoy Friday!!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Time to Draw: RE-draw! (Old Background Re-draw)

If you've known about Emolga's Place for a while and you've been on it around 2011, you might recognize the picture I'm re-drawing. The original picture (on the left) was the background for this website for a short while. As you're CLEARLY able to tell, now there is a checkered background.


Wow, I've improved! 
Note the green color of Ditto and the different hand gesture that Emolga is making. You might remember that the Ditto "mascot" for Emolga's Place (named Cyan) was green for a short time. This is because I was experimenting with colors. Soon Cyan became green. He was changed back to blue because, well, shiny Ditto is BLUE and not green. Also, "cyan" means light blue. I changed Emolga's hand because the one on the left looks too...weird. I figured a peace-sign would look better. 

Original Drawing:
Made in early 2011 with Windows Paint
My age back then: 11

Made in February 2014 with GIMP
Current age: 14

I might make more re-drawings in the future, so keep your eyes out!

Alex 17...out!

Pokemon Collage #2: Mawile

Mawile wasn't that great of a Pokemon prior to X and Y, but now that it has a mega evolution, it is one of my favorite Pokemon! I made a quick collage to honor such a cool, powerful Pokemon.

Click here to view the image in full-screen.

Really like the way that this collage came out? Download it by clicking here!

~Credits to Google Images for the pictures of Mawile for this collage and the one at the bottom of this post. THANKS, GOOGLE IMAGES!!!~

~Credits to Mediafire for hosting my uploads. THANKS, MEDIAFIRE!!!~

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Swagalicious Wednesday

My Emolga! It's not perfect, but its cute!
Have a swagalicious Wednesday!!

Swaggalicious Wednesdays

Later... I will post my Emolga Pixel art made on MINNNNNNNEEEEEEEECCCCRRRAAAFFFT!
It is Alex-APPRRROOVVEDD! He gave me his... Spheal Of Approval!

How ONIX-spected (Sorry Senny.. I had to)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pokemon Fusion: Shelltini!

Have you ever tried out Pokemon Fusion? It's a website that allows you to mix two Pokemon sprites together. You can currently mix Pokemon only from the first generation, but it's still loads of fun. You can randomize or create your own to create cool, cute or freaky Poke-muhjiggers! I tried it out and created a "Shelltini".

Wow. That's pretty freaky.  I felt like drawing it out because it's simply too weird to comprehend! I've also seen people draw Pokemon Fusions in a way similar to what I've drawn it here, so I decided it would be fun to do it too. I'll probably post some more fusions soon, so keep your eyes out for it!

Play Pokemon Fusion by clicking these words!
(It will take you to a random Fusion when you go there)

 ~I used GIMP to create this picture~


Alex 17...out!

Schedule Update!

Starting next week, my posting schedule will be revised. Most things will stay the same, but there are some major changes that I'd like to discuss.

Sunday: Showdown Sunday (Same as before)
Monday: Monotype Monday (Same as before)
Tuesday: Competitive Crunch (Different)
Wednesday: Nothing! (Same as before)
Thursday: Pokemon Collage (Same)
Friday: Featured Remix (Same)
Saturday: Paper Mario Episode (Different)

Two changes are present here. The first one is that Tuesday is now "Competitive Crunch". This is basically the same thing as Strategy Saturday, except it has a different name and it's on a different day. If you've watched certain YouTube videos, you may find that this name isn't very creative.

The other one is the one I want to talk about: Saturdays feature a Paper Mario Episode. I mentioned in a post several days ago that I might be starting a Paper Mario playthrough, so I decided to put those on Saturday.There is a poll up now until next Tuesday that will let you vote which Paper Mario game I'll end up playing. I'm not sure how I'll upload the video, but it will most likely be on YouTube. I'd also need to figure out a good way to record the footage, which is why I'm giving myself a little time to figure these thing out because the schedule update will start next week. 

Votes for Monotype Monday will not occur anymore, so unfortunately you probably won't be seeing anything from me until the collage on Thursday. Saturday will be the second and final Strategy Saturday before it moves to the Competitive Crunch segment on Tuesdays.

Hopefully you're looking forward to seeing some Paper Mario next Saturday! See you Thursday!

Monotype Monday #1: Dragon vs Ghost!

Hello and welcome to our first Monotype Monday! You all voted and I decided to use a Dragon-Type team. Unfortunately, I will have be re-creating my blogging schedule so you will be unable to vote for future Monotype Mondays, but rest assured, Monotype Monday will continue!

Click here to view today's Monotype Monday battle!

~Credits to Zarel and the Showdown staff for hosting this site. THANKS, SHOWDOWN!!!~

~Credits to my opponent, Monguibiris, for battling me! THANKS, MONGUIBIRIS!!!~

~Credits to Google Images for this new sparkly Flaaffy! THANKS, GOOGLE IMAGES!!!~

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hack/Mod #1: Pokemon FireRed Omega!

Hello, everyone! I'm back here again with a second post today to tell you about a cool Pokemon Hack called FireRed Omega.

It's an edited version of Pokemon FireRed fit to run on your computer. The difficulty of the game has increased and there are more Pokemon to be found!

Technically, it's more of a "mod" than a "hack".

However, you may not know how to properly set up the usage of this game, so I've helped you out by making a download link for everything you'll need to start playing FireRed Omega.

Click here for the download link!

Once it is downloaded, you'll want to go to where it downloaded to (most likely your Downloads folder) and right click on the "compressed folder". Then, you click extract all and select a location for the files to be sent to.

Once the .zip folder is opened, you'll find VisualBoy Advance and Pokemon FireRed Omega.gba in the folder. You'll also see two text documents. I recommend you read the Instructions that I've put in there before you set up your game.

The Starter Locations file will be useful once you start up your game.

~Credits to Drayano60 for creating this hack. THANKS, DRAYANO60!!!~

~Credits to Mediafire for hosting a place for me to upload the files necessary. THANKS, MEDIAFIRE!!!~

~Credits to the creators of VisualBoy Advance for making the program used to play this game and many others. THANKS, VISUALBOY ADVANCE!!!~

Espurr Papercraft!

Espurr is a Psychic-type Pokemon that evolves into Meowstic. It is a light gray color and may come across as either creepy or cute to some people. It was first seen vaguely in a trailer for X and Y a little while before those games came out. People thought it was a koala pokemon because it was seen in that trailer as a blurry gray creature next to the Daycare Center that was shown. When X and Y released in October, people saw that it was in fact a small little cat-like creature that was the pre-evolution of Meowstic.
This papercraft might be a little hard because of the fact that the template is much different from a what normal cube-shaped papercraft would have. Try your best! This is the last papercraft that I printed with my old printer! Next week's papercraft will look much better in the construction picture.


Showdown Sunday #1: Volcarona is a Boss!

Hey, guys! Welcome to the first ever Showdown Sunday here on Emolga's Place!

Here, we have an OU Battle on Showdown against Tori Queen Fire. I'm on the opposite side of the battlefield and my name is Mega Mawilite. Let's get started!

Click here to view the replay!

The lesson of this battle is to not lose to Volcarona because it is amazing.

~Credits to Zarel and the Showdown staff for this website. THANKS, SHOWDOWN!!!~

~Credits to Tori Queen Fire for getting destroyed by my Volcarona. THANKS, TORI QUEEN FIRE!!!~

~Credits to Pokemon Wiki for this Volcarona. THANKS, POKEMON WIKI!!!~

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Strategy Saturday #1: SubPunch

Hello, all! Welcome to the first Strategy Saturday. Today, I will  be showing you a strategy that is honestly pretty funny and will wreck players that aren't prepared to face it. It is SubPunch!

You probably don't know what I mean by SubPunch, so I'll tell you that it's a move combination of Substitute and Focus Punch.

Focus Punch is a powerful Fighting-Type move with 150 BP (base power)! But unfortunately, it goes last in a turn and will fail if you are hit by an attack before.

Substitute will cover up the weakness of Focus Punch because it allows you to put up a temporary shield to prevent you from being hit by a move so you can fire off a powerful Focus Punch!

Lucky for you, I can show you how it works!

Click here to view the replay!

~Credits to Zarel and the Showdown Staff for hosting this site. THANKS, SHOWDOWN!!!~

~Credits to the Internet for helping me find out about this overpowered move combination. THANKS, INTERNET!!!~

~Credits to for this Flaaffy. THANKS, PKPARAISO!!!~

And also vote for Monotype Monday!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Time to Draw: Mega Ursaring!

This time for "Time to Draw", I drew my creation of Mega Ursaring! (Sorry for the repetition, I'll try to draw something other than a Mega Evolution for the next Time to Draw) It is Normal/Dark type and its design is based on the night. I designed it this way because Ursaring is based on a constellation, and that's (obviously) something you would see in the nighttime. I think the drawing did not come out as great as Mega Salamence did, but I still like it. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for next week's Time to Draw?

Featured Remix #1: Hearthome City

If any of you happen to remember, Alex had a wallpaper button that linked to this remix, but now I'll post it officially!

Unfortunately, I am unable to have the actual video in this post, so click here to view the remix!

Hopefully in the future I am able to put the video in the post.

Also, I'd like to mention that I might be posting on Wednesdays soon! I recently got my hands on copies of all four Paper Mario games and have been waiting for a chance to play them. So look forward to that! And remember to vote for Monotype Monday!

~Credits to Kaguya Izanagi for creating this remix. THANKS, KAGUYA IZANAGI!!!~

~Credits to YouTube for being amazing. THANKS, YOUTUBE!!! (Even thought the layout changed AGAIN)~

~Credits to for the Flaaffy. THANKS, PKPARAISO!!!~

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I'm gonna copy Dusty and do the same thing and tell you some things about me!!!!

1. I'm a girl :)

2. My name is Taylor :)

3. I like smiley faces :)

4. You can call me Tay Tay!

5. My best buddies are Sierra (Dusty), Jeans and Nanners! :)

6. As I said before I'm a brony (pegusister) :)

7. My Minecraft account is taylorswag1! :)

8. My favorite Pokemon are Charizard and Magikarp :)

Pokemon of the Day!

It's time for... The pokemon of the day!!! Today's pokemon is... Lucario! Lucario is one of my favorite pokemon and it is so awesome! Here is some info about Lucario:

Lucario: The Aura Pokemon
       By reading the auras of all things, it can tell how others are feeling from over half a mile away.

Type: Fighting/Steel


 "Don't Be Afraid To Release Your Inner Dragon."


Pokemon Collage #1: Espeon

Today's Thursday, so I made a collage for my favorite Eeveelution: Espeon!

Click here to view it in full screen.

Click here to download it!

~Credits to Google Images and Microsoft Powerpoint for helping me make this collage. THANKS, GOOGLE IMAGES AND MICROSOFT POWERPOINT!!!~

~Credits to the website,, for this cool Flaaffy at the bottom of this post. THANKS, CREATORS OF PKPARAISO!!!

~Credits to the website,, for hosting the download for this collage. THANKS, CREATORS OF MEDIAFIRE!!!~

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Swagalicious Gif's

It's 12 am and I'm tired...

Now for gifs YAY!

Goomy Clicker!

Recently, I've been playing a little game called Goomy Clicker. It's based on Cookie Clicker and is played in the same way. It is way funner though because it has Goomy instead of cookies! Click here to play it! This is a little sample of what it looks like:

(Click the image for a larger view)


Alex 17...out!

Taylor's schedule of amazingness :)

HELLO! My name is Taylor, I love Pokemon, and I'm a pegasister (But this is a Pokemon blog, so you won't be seeing any ponies) I'm now on Emolga's Place!

You will see my Pokemon walkthrough stories, Minecraft Pokemon pixel art, pictures and gifs on Wednesday!

New buttons!

As you might have noticed, there is a shiny purple button below the poll. If you click the button, it will take you to all the posts that Dusty made.
Wait, who's Dusty..?
Dusty is the third blogger that has become part of Emolga's Place! She even has a story that she is writing. (Try reading the post right before this to find out more about her)

Oh wait! There's also another new button. That one links to all of Sean's posts.

Alex 17...out!

All About Me

Hey you peoples, well some of you, must be wondering "who is this guy?". Well I'll let you know that I am a GIRL! Anyways... Here is a little info about me.

Gender: GIRL!!!

Real Name: Sierra

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite PKMN Game: Pokemon X

Favorite Type: Dragon

Favorite Pokemon: Lucario or Bisharp

Favorite Person: Dean

Favorite Quote (besides the one down there): "Give It To Dean!"

"Don't Be Afraid To Release Your Inner Dragon."


Who's That Pokemon?

Hello everyone! I know it's a Wednesday, but since I'm bored... Who's That Pokemon? (Comment Below)

"Don't Be Afraid To Release Your Inner Dragon."


Dusty's Den

Hello everyone! My name is Dusty6400 and I am the newest member to Emolga's Place! This is what you can expect from me everyday:

Monday: Nuzlocke Update

Tuesday: Who's That Pokemon?

Wednesday: Nothing

Thursday: Type of the Week

Friday: Tales of Unova Chapter

Saturday: Drawings/ Pictures

Sunday: Quiz of the Week

Everyday: Pokemon of the Day

About Crediting

On Emolga's Place, there are some images and information that I have gotten from other websites. These websites include:

-Bulbapedia (For various things) (For those 3D-animated pokemon sprites from X and Y) (I use this website to create fonts and text sometimes. You should try it) (That's where I got the sad face on the weekly schedules from :P )

Nothing else yet.....
But when there is, I will update this post with those websites.

On the other hand, some images appear as if they were taken off websites, but they were not. Some images created using no other sources include:

-The checkered background on this website that you can see right now. Yes, I created this image all from scratch using just Windows Paint. It is not that hard to make checkered squares with different colors. You could do it if you tried. Seriously.

-The buttons on the right sidebar. The only thing I used besides GIMP and MS Paint to make these buttons was That's it; nothing else.

[There's nothing else I think I should include here yet...]

If you don't believe me, search Google for these images and you will find that they only appear on Emolga's Place. If you find these images anywhere else and they did not link to Emolga's Place, there is one thing you know for sure: They are evil!

Be sure to always credit Emolga's Place when you take images off of it to put on your own website. Include a link to when you do so. 

Thank you and have a nice day!! :D

Oh, and by the way, I'm not so sure the other bloggers on this website will always credit other sources when they should. If you are angry that they did not credit you, that is not my responsibility! (No offense)


Showdown Tutorial!

Hello! Normally, I don't post on Wednesdays. But, today I have nothing else to do, so I'll show you how to get started with battles on Pokemon Showdown!

Also, remember, if you haven't already, vote for the type I'll use for the next Monotype Monday!

Click this to view the long post!

~Credits to Zarel and the rest of the Showdown staff for hosting such a great site. THANKS, ZAREL AND SHOWDOWN STAFF!!!~

~Credits to the creators of the program, Lightshot, to make taking all twenty or something of these screenshots a lot easier. THANKS, CREATORS OF LIGHTSHOT!!!~

~Credits to the creators of the website,, for this cool Flaaffy at the bottom of this post. THANKS, CREATORS OF PKPARAISO!!!~

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I'm really glad to be a part of Emolga's Place! If you scroll to the way bottom, you'll see my schedule. Here is a more in-depth description of it:

Mondays will be Monotype Monday! Monotype is only one type of Pokemon, such as Fire, Electric, or Dragon. I will be posting the replays of these battles on Pokemon Showdown.

(If you haven't gone there already, it's a great place to socialize and battle! Click here!)

Tuesday is the day you will vote for the type I'll use on the next Monotype Monday. The poll is always on the right side of the homepage.

Wednesday is a day when I'm normally pretty busy, so I won't be posting anything. :(

On Thursdays, I will post a Pokemon Collage! Not a college, but a collage composed of pictures off of the Interwebs.

On Fridays, I'll post a link to a Pokemon remix off of YouTube.

On Saturdays, I will give you some insight on some competitive battling strategy you can use to battle others online!

On Sundays, I'll post a featured battle that I had on Showdown.

~Credits to the creators of the website,, for this cool Flaaffy at the bottom of my post. THANKS, CREATORS OF PKPARAISO!!!~

Goomy Papercraft

Goomy's pokedex entry states that he is the "weakest dragon type". That makes sense, considering his stats and the fact that he doesn't even look like a dragon type. He more resembles a poison type, or even a water type. However, many people (such as me, hehe) love Goomy because of all the mass hysteria and cuteness it possesses. He also looks very funny, right? I wanted everyone to be able to have a Goomy of their own, so here it is: the Goomy papercraft!