Picture Gallery

This is simply a picture gallery full of my little doodles. They have almost no purpose but I like posting them anyway. They may be a little weird or funny sometimes :]
This is an example of what I like to draw and create
during my free time when I'm out of ideas.... :)

This is an old picture from a couple years ago. 
It is a slow transformation from ditto to jigglypuff!

This is Weegee. Don't let him take over your mind.

This is simply a charmander. Or is it Kirby?

Here's another old picture. It's one of my favorites :)

Isn't it marvelous what masterpieces you can make with Windows Paint?

This is the original designs I quickly made for Dimmil's Evolutionary line. Dimmil was originally going to be Water/Fairy type as its final evolution. The designs for Dimmil's evolutions changed greatly and the final designs look a lot better in my opinion. I didn't put a lot of thought into the origianl designs.

A little doodle of Foo; it's not very accurate compared to how he usually looks. I just made this drawing so that I could test out his color palette.

An early version of Marsupine.

These two pictures were actually the backgrounds I used for the Inkay and Swirlix papercrafts.

A drawing of Flaming Pachirisu drawn in the "Dream World" style.

Uhhh... that's not quite Dimmil.

um marsupine r u feeling ok
Why is he holding a duck?

Is that... Jigglypuff?
Okay I'm done I'm just done I am leaving now bye

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