FAQ: Frequently Acquired Queries :P

Why do the Jigglypuffs and Emolga look so.....off?

-Well, you see, this website was made back in 2011 when my drawing skills on the computer were rubbish. I'd like to keep the tradition and make Emolga still resemble how he has always looked, even though I changed his appearance only slightly.The new Emolga is actually much better than than the old one from 2011. This is what he looked like:

Fun Fact: This picture was actually the FIRST EVER Emolga I drew for Emolga's Place. This image was the original background of the site.

I stink at making papercrafts! What do I do?!

-Jump out a window, you dumdum!
No, that would be stupid. If you're not very good at it, I suggest you use glue instead of tape. It's much easier. Practice by making several papercrafts. Keep in mind that some are much harder than others. Don't start off with a papercraft like Chesnaught, start off with a simple one like Goomy. If you are really not confident about your skills, then just don't make papercrafts. Nobody's forcing you to.

Why don't you guys always stick to your schedules? It makes me mad...  >:(

-You may not know this, but we actually have lives. Sometimes we can't go on the computer or we're too busy. Sorry if you are upset about this.

Blarg! Y u no give meh credit?!?!?

-I try to give credit to sources whenever I can. Check out the Crediting Page to see sources I've used. Sean usually tries to give credit to sources, too. If you're mad and you feel someone on Emolga's Place need to give you credit for something, then comment on the Crediting Page. Make sure to notify me which author should give you credit, too.

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