Papercraft Help

Before you start making a papercraft, you need to print it first. Here's how to print a papercraft:

Steps for a Windows PC:

1. Click the papercraft.
2. Right click.
3. Press "Save Picture As". Save it to someplace onto your computer.
4. Open picture in Windows Paint.
5. Select "page set-up".
6. Adjust it to 1 by 1 page.
7. Press "print" and select your printer. (Or press Ctrl+P)
8. Press "ok". The papercraft should print.

Once it prints, use scissors to cut the template out in a waqy based on if you want to use glue or tape to construct the papercraft. Don't use the white tabs if you use tape, and use them if you decide to mainly use glue. Sometimes when you mainly use tape, you might need to also use glue in special areas. This does not happen very often, though.

Using tape, your cut-out papercraft should look somewhat like this model:

Using glue, your cut-out papercraft should look somewhat like this model:

Now connect the tabs (if you use glue) to sides without tabs and you should get a 3d shape--usually a cube. Put the glue on the tabs to do this. If you decide to use tape, connect the sides that had tabs in the original template to spots that never had tabs. Yep, it's complicated.

And remember: After you are done building your papercraft, put it in good spot so it doesn't get crushed! I don't recommend putting them on the floor...

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