Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Emolga's Place: What's been going on?

Here's the story. Emolga's Place ran for 5 months and was abruptly plunged into a hiatus. Nothing significant happened, only Emolga's Place just began to be a bit tiring. Schedules are busy here and there, you know? Nobody wants to spend a Saturday working three hours on a damn speedpaint video. I think all the overwhelming content is what really tuckered Emolga's Place out. This time around, things will be kept simple, easy, and fresh. Things will still be posted often and the content will still be as worthwhile. Funny thing is; I thought I would be posting twice as much in the summer, but I guess that isn't really supporting the phrase "Summer Break", isn't it? :P

Also I've been basically focusing entirely on my deviantART account and I would like for that to change. I will work on Emolga's Place alongside deviantART, and I will post on Youtube in the future :D

Of course, there will be lots of changes. Everything has to change at one point. But these changes aren't devastating. There's going to be new things, like comics, Mii QR codes, Flipnote animations, and videos. Lots of pure Emolga's Place content. Good vibes and excitement!

Now, along with change, I decided that I'll start of being the only author on Emolga's Place for now. I just like it that way, it keeps things more simple and in check. Of course, this could change in the future depending on what things happen....WINKY FACE

Emolga's Place will remain a central hub for all things artsy and all things Pokemon. I hope everyone can enjoy it and let's see what happens!

See you soon.

I have a Jigglypuff amiibo and its name is Mrs. Puff.